Sneak Peek from Bill Watkins

Companies struggle everyday with finding, recruiting, hiring, and retaining high-talent, high-performing, and high-impact key executives, managers and employees. A mis-hire costs your company a minimum of 5X the base annual salary. Some think it might be as much as 40x. Think about it—that’s as much as $1M on a $200k senior executive.

No wonder leaders like you lose sleep at night.

The A-Player Hiring Toolkit™ is a one-time class that has far-reaching, growth-dominating implications for you, your staff, and your company. It’s a quick, simple-to-learn, easy-to-implement, proprietary framework that combines my own experience and resources with the effective Topgrading® system developed by Dr. Brad Smart.

Use the A-Player Hiring Toolkit™ to:

  • Uncover predictive behaviors. Past performance may not guarantee future results when it comes to investments, but it’s almost a perfect predictor when it comes to humans. Learn the interview system that easily reveals the real employee from behind the person being interviewed.
  • Implement a sure-fire step-by-step process. Just like all of my courses, you’ll have a REAL bird-in-hand tool to implement almost instantly. Sixteen steps, four interviews, and detailed instructions of how and what to do, by when and with whom.
  • Get everything you need to find, interview, hire, and keep A-Players. This all-inclusive program hands you everything except the the candidates and the eventual team members. Pay once, own and use the content forever.
  • Learn on your own or train your entire hiring team. To make sure you get the best results possible at the right investment, I can be as involved—or not involved—as you see fit. In addition to group workshops, this course is available in a variety of formats, including on-site training, web-based video conferencing, and more.