Productivity Accelerator (self-paced)

10X Your Productivity

Most high-performers put hours and lifetimes into building their businesses and careers. They design the best ways of working and study process improvement plans, they think, strategize and plan for the success of their business.

What they don’t do is put the same amount of effort into building their lives. Their relationships, health, happiness, and significance suffer while they’re focused on their work. They make the mistake of living life sequentially (build business now, build life later) when they must live it concurrently (build thriving business alongside living an extraordinary life). And, one day many wake up to a future of disappointment and regret when they discover it’s too late.

What most high-performers need is a roadmap to help them build their businesses without screwing up their lives. In this course you get exactly what you’ve been looking for. This training is part of the proprietary library of learning at The Lions Pride and provides specific action steps, support documents, and tools.

Your Instructor

Bill Watkins, USMA
Bill Watkins, USMA '77

Like you, high performance is in my DNA. In my past, I was a West Point graduate, Army officer, world-class athlete, corporate executive, and entrepreneur who built an 8-figure business out of my garage… and sold it for cash. Today, I am founder of The Lions Pride, husband, father, outdoor adventurer and CEO whisperer on a mission to give business owners, founders, and CEOs the proven tools to build companies and lives with a lasting impact.

Course Curriculum

  Module 1 - Life Wheel GPS & Wildly Important Goals
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  Module 2 - Restraining Factors
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